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Located at the SE Ramp in SFB at the D&J Hangar!

Flight Training

Here at Tailwheel Adventures we are able to accommodate all of your flight training needs; whether you're training for your private license, tailwheel endorsement, commercial license, the airlines, to become a CFI, crop dusting, banner towing, aerobatic competition, or just for fun!

Aerobatic Training

If you're looking to expand your piloting skills beyond the FAA standards or are just looking for an adventure, we offer full aerobatic courses and also one-off aerobatic flights for pilots and non-pilots. We also offer the 61.183(i) CFI spin endorsement.

Meet the Crew

You will be flying with Tailwheel Adventure's Chief Pilot, Kevin Garcia, or one of our highly trained instructor pilots. We only work with the best to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality training.

Why Tailwheel Adventures?

    Choosing the right flight school is an extremely important decision. There's a lot of time and money that goes into flight training, believe me I know, I did it!​


So, which school should you choose? Aren't you supposed to learn to fly in a Cessna? Well, no actually, you don't have to do the same thing that everyone else is doing. If wearing a uniform to do your flight training and going through a generic program using the same generic aircraft just like everyone else is something that you think fits your style then go for it. There's nothing wrong with that.


    At Tailwheel Adventures we do things a little bit differently. Yes, we do have a syllabus that we follow, except that we tailor it to fit the individual student's needs. We can go as quickly or as slowly through the courses as you'd like. We also do not train students to the minimum FAA standards here; you will be trained to the highest possible standards to ensure that you're ready to take on the next step in your flying career, whatever that might be.


It's true, you won't find a Cessna here at Tailwheel Adventures. I know what you're thinking: I want to fly for the airlines, don't they want me to do my training in a Cessna?  Well, actually no. It's just the norm and so that's what everyone thinks.


    Once you complete your training in our Citabria you'll be qualified for everything your Cessna trained friend is, plus even more! With tailwheel hours you will be eligible to do banner towing, crop dusting, aerobatics, and even fly warbirds! There's a reason that there's a tailwheel endorsement and no endorsement to fly Cessnas. You can transition to a Cessna within only a couple of hours if you hold your Private Pilot's License, but not the other way around.


    If you're interested in doing something special and not doing the same thing that everyone else is doing, get in touch and arrange a tour to meet our staff and meet the airplane you'll be flying. We look forward to training you!



Kevin Garcia

Disclaimer: not all aircraft pictured on this website belong to Tailwheel Adventures, LLC.

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