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Welcome to Tailwheel Adventures!

Let's meet the fleet & crew.

The Crew 


Our owner and Chief Pilot, Kevin Garcia, has been flying since he was 15 years old. He soloed at 16 and earned his Private Pilot License at 17. Once he discovered tailwheel and aerobatic flying it changed his life forever. He, with the help of his best friend Geoff, started Tailwheel Adventures to share his passion for flying with anyone willing to learn.

Tailwheel Adventures is currently looking for another CFI to help with flight and ground instruction duties: apply today!


The Fleet 

Tailwheel Adventures currently has two beautiful 7-KCAB Citabrias and a 1946 Piper Cub. The 7-KCAB Citabria has a Lycoming AEIO-320 engine, which produces 160hp. The power-to-weight ratio on this airplane is excellent! The Cub is, of course, a legendary aircraft of which should be flown by everyone at some point in their flying career.


We are currently in the market for another 7KCAB Citabria and Super Decathlon.

Kevin B. Garcia
Chief Pilot & CEO

Kevin is the CEO and chief pilot here at Tailwheel Adventures. With experience in over 60 types of aircraft he has a passion for passing on knowledge to future and current pilots.


Geoffrey Lichtman

Geoffrey Lichtman graduated from UCF with a degree in marketing in 2007. He has since opened up and runs a successful business in Los Angeles, CA. Geoffrey and Kevin have teamed up to create Tailwheel Adventures.

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Nick Hendershot
Deputy Chief Pilot

Nick is a long time Tailwheel Adventures veteran and has a natural flying ability that fits perfectly with the school. Not only does he have a rare understanding and feel for the airplanes but his organized manner of teaching is appreciated greatly by the students.

Job Savage
Instructor Pilot

Job has extensive Tailwheel and Warbird experience. His relaxed teaching style and extensive knowledge helps students reach their aviation goals.

Yousef Adams
Instructor Pilot

Yousef is a long time Tailwheel Adventures Instructor with great stick and rudder skills. He's helped many students reach their aviation goals.

Ryan Marracino
Instructor Pilot

Ryan is a great pilot and instructor. He is well liked amongst the students and comes from an educator's background. He also likes fast cars, to which we approve.

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